For Your Peace of Mind

Our GUARANTEE OF COMPETENCE takes the worry out of equipment concerns: protection up to 1 million km and 6 years on the complete suspension system according to the SAF-HOLLAND guarantee conditions.

Positioned for Protection

The specially coordinated shock absorber with specific characteristics is positioned in the center of the hanger bracket and with-in the functional suspension arm, thus protecting it from stone chipping and other road debris.

Driving Stability and Safety

Our specially designed 3D bushing element is integrated into the functional suspension arm and provides an optimum of ride performance.

Maintenance Free for Life

Our design incorporates the functional suspension arms and axle beam into one unitized and maintenance free component. This indestructible design provides additional benefits such as: no extra mounting parts, such as axle seats and U-bolts, no re-torquing of screws and nuts.


The very narrow hanger bracket is symmetrically designed. This saves weight and allows easy installation.


The patented SAFE-GUARD-DESIGN of the functional suspension arm reliably protects the brake chambers from damage.

Excellent Corrosion Protection

We use great care in long-term corrosion protection on particularly exposed parts, such as hubs, hub caps or screw connections as well as wheel bolts and nuts.

Optimized with Factory Standards

Standard features include: uniform bearings, ABV-preparation, integrated rim system, specific weight reduction, cathodic dip coating process of axle and wheel hub.

Label CD

Connection point between functional suspension arm and axle tube optimised in all details, welded into a particularly robust and maintenance-free unit.

Label CD

· Shock absorber with damping characteristics designed for use in challenging road conditions.
· Reinforced, generously dimensioned 88 mm tapered roller wheel bearing.

SAF INTRADRUM CD - Technical Data

· Axle load: 9t
· Track width: 2040 and 2090 (other tread widths on request)
· Brakes: Drum brake 420 x 180 mm & 370 x 180 mm track
· Offset: ET 0
· Tyres: single


Axle load: 9t
Track width: 2040 and 2090 (other tread widths on request)
Brakes: Disc brake optional 22.5” and 19.5”
Offset: ET 120
Tyres: single

SAF ABS Sensing

· exciter ring and sensor holder (as standard/pre-assembled)
· can be activated using simple and reliable plug Connections

SAF Two-side axle lift

For 22.5' wheels
· only weighs approx. 21 kg per axle
· very simple retrofit

SAF INTRA PC Premium Coated

As the first manufacturer, SAF-HOLLAND offered a 9t axle
protected by Zinc metal spraying with a great success.
Now we have gone a step further and have improved corrosion resistance with our new PREMIUM COATED process.
Please see detailed description at SAF INTRA PC PREMIUM COATED

SAF One-side axle lift

Specifically for low ride heights
· only weighs approx. 30 kg
· very simple retrofit

SAF Hubometer

With this hubometer the operating times of trailers can be documented precisely and reliably.
· measures the exact mileage of Trailers
· simple retrofit
· quick and reliable mounting


Tyre inflation system for trailers and semi-trailers.
Monitoring and preservation of the set tire pressure in the Trailer.

SAF Brake Chambers

The same strict quality guidelines apply to our brake chambers as for all SAF components. We are using high quality internal components for our brake chambers so that you can depend on the long and secure function of this component. The robust and completely surface coated housing provides additional safety. For an additional advantage the air connections are fully integrated on the SAF brake chambers.

SAF Pad wear sensing

For Versions with disc brake
· simple retrofit
· can be connected to the Trailer EBS or to a separate control and display unit

SAF Protector Sheet

For Variants with disc brake
Protects the brake disc against stone chipping and other foreign objects

SAF Reinforced Air Springs

With steel plungers for extreme loads

SAF Disc Brake SBS 1918 H0

For the 19.5“ range
Lightweight and adaptable 19.5“ trailer disc brake for SAF 9 t axles.

· Unparalleled low weight: 29 kg including brake pads
· Reliable
· Easy to maintain

SAF Disc Brake SBS 2220 H0

For the 22.5' range
Lightweight and adaptable 22.5“ trailer disc brake for SAF 9 t axles.

· Unparalleled low weight: 32 kg including brake pads
· Reliable
· Easy to maintain