SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. oświadcza, że na podstawie art. 4c ustawy z dnia 8 marca 2013r o przeciw działaniu nadmiernym opóźnieniom w transakcjach handlowych (tj. Dz. U. 2019 poz. 118 z późn. zm.) w brzmieniu nadanym ustawą z dnia 19 lipca 2019r o zmianie niektórych ustaw w celu ograniczenia zatorów płatniczych (Dz. U. 2019, poz. 1649) posiada status dużego przedsiębiorcy w rozumieniu przedmiotowej ustawy.

SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. declares, that pursuant to Art. 4c of the Act of March 8, 2013 on the prevention of excessive delays in commercial transactions (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 118, as amended) as amended by the Act of July 19, 2019 on amending certain acts to reduce payment gridlocks (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1649) has the status of a large entrepreneur within the meaning of the Act.


The serious approach to the Middle East markets, dominated by mainly one axle manufacturer at this time started in 1995. With an experienced salesforce, operating from our branch office in Slovenia, the customers appreciated a real alternative to the existing brand. Based on this positive reception, we introduced successfully new systems such as air suspensions and disc brakes and could build up a name as premium manufacturer.

Based on the success in the Middle East, we intensified our activities in Africa. We are represented in South Africa with our own subsidiary since 2005. In 2007, we opened our branch office in Cairo, coordinating the activities in Northern and Western Africa.

The Merger with HOLLAND was extending our product portfolio and our competence as partner of the truck and trailer industry.